How to join server for Niwarn Asia Tournament Season 2

  • In this section, the instructions for accessing the server used for the Niwarn Asia Tournament Season 2, starting from the quarterfinals, are provided.
  • Participants in the quarterfinals must carefully read and follow each step diligently.

  • This server is specifically designated for the Niwarn Asia Tournament Season 2.
  • The system will only allow room creation for the tournament.
  • Other functionalities within the normal server will be disabled during the tournament.

  • Every time there is a switch to a beta version, players must download the game anew.
  • It is recommended to allocate time for downloading the game version "tournamentss2 - TournamentSS2" before 4:40 PM (GMT +7).

How to join server.
Step 1: Open Steam and right Click at Home Sweet Home:Online , Choose Properties.
Step 2: Choose “Beta” then Enter Access From Developer Team Then Click “Check Code”.
Click Betas tab > fill TournamentSS2 and check code > Click the blue button
Step 3: Select beta as tournamentss2 - TournamentSS2 then wait for the game to download.
When the download is finished will be able to play.
The team recommends that players prepare to download the Beta game server for testing in advance.
It is important to be aware that when players switch between the regular server and the testing (TournamentSS2) server,
they will need to download the game again each time.
In the case where a player wants to return to the normal server, you can change the beta settings back to "None" and proceed to download the game again.
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