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Welcome to Niwarn in its fullest form, from the creators of the Home Sweet Home series, ready for you to feel what it's like to be a thrilling visitor. Experience the clash between the two great forces in Niwarn as both the prey and predator simultaneously.

about this Game

Home Sweet Home: Online. Experience the all new gameplay from the developers of the Home Sweet Home series in the all new Battle Mode. Win through collecting souls in a 4vs4 style battle where the person that holds the Warden Soul will turn into a Warden to hunt down the visitor on the other team. The other Visitors have to do their best to stay alive to limit their loss. There can only be one winner in the war between sides.


Niwarn is the dimension between the human and spirit world. The reason souls end up being trapped in Niwarn can come from a person being in a limbo between life and death or cursed with dark magic . People with strong arcanic powers often use their powers to control the Warden to hunt down the Visitors that end up wandering into Niwarn. They hunt for their souls to complete an unexplained ritual.

The mission for Visitors on either side of the major powers in Niwarn requires them to work together and collect souls from the other side's fallen to attain victory.

Key Features

Multiplayer - Play with other players to team up and fight while preventing the other team from collecting souls to win.

Balanced Gameplay - Both sides have 4 players, so there are equal chances for both teams to win. Teamwork is important if you want to win.

Replayable Gameplay - Even though the rules are the same, each match is a new experience depending on the tactics employed, map and new opponents.

Gameplay Trailer

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