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Second Chance
After Jane's soul is dropped, Jane can self-ressurect with half the HP after 90 seconds. If resurrected by other Visitors, Jane revives with full HP.




█ █ █ █


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Monk Ple's Cowry
Monk Ple's Cowry is a powerful Buddhist artifact that has been around since ancient history. It is a holy item that help set those that have it to stay on the righteous path, while also protecting them from any evil spirits or ghosts.

  1. Syringes are changed to giving 7 hp/second instantly upon usage.
  2. Syringes are changed to giving 8 hp/second instantly upon usage.
  3. Syringes are changed to giving 10 hp/second instantly upon usage.
  4. Syringes are changed to giving 12 hp/second instantly upon usage.
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