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For players who wish to report in-game bugs, especially those occurring during a match:

>>> Click here <<<  To report a bug that has occurred.

This is to allow the team to review the details and share the information with relevant teams.

In cases where players top up but do not receive Amethyst, we initially suggest that you re-login to the game.

If the player still doesn't receive Amethyst, please >>> click here <<<  to report the issue to the team for resolution.

If the player still doesn't receive item or Missing item.

>>> Click here <<<

Please fill out the following form to report the issue to our team for resolution.


To report players suspected of using cheating software or exploiting bugs for an advantage:

>>> Click here <<<

The team will investigate the provided information, and if it is confirmed that the player has indeed violated the rules, they will face definite consequences. Thank you for being a part of creating a positive gaming community.

In case a player has been banned without any wrongdoing,

the player can provide the following information >>> Click here <<<

to request a review by the team for consideration of lifting the ban.

For players who want to report issues related to in-game events such as:
- Season Ritual
- Vow
- Anonymous Store
- Precious Pot
- Other

>>> Click here <<<

Frequently Encountered Issues

You can download Home Sweet Home: Online on Steam

Follow these steps:

- Click on the link provided >> <<
- Press the 'Play Game' button, and the download page will appear for the players.
- Players should follow the detailed instructions.
- Once the game is installed, double-click the game icon on the desktop to play, or open the Steam program and press 'Play' from within the program immediately.

If players encounter the error message "Please enable the Steam overlay in the In-Game settings," you can find instructions on how to configure Click Here

Basic troubleshooting steps for players:
Normally, such issues arise from the inability to connect to the Steam database system.
Here are some recommended steps for players to try and resolve the issue:

- Click "Try Again" for several time to attempt the connection again.
- Re-enter the game.
- Check and reset your internet connection.
- Close and reopen the Steam program.
- Restart your computer and try launching the game again.

If a black screen occurs, you can try to resolve it with the following methods:

Restart the game or application:
Try closing and reopening the game or application. This is a simple method that often helps resolve black screen issues in many cases.

Check for updates:
Make sure you have the latest version of the game or application. There may have been issues fixed in the latest version, so update if available.

Check your computer or device specs:
Ensure that your computer or device meets the required specifications to run the game or application properly.

If you encounter the issue of the screen turning black when entering the game, please kindly report the symptoms along with your computer specifications and graphics card to directly. Our team will investigate and address the issue promptly.

Error Code = 0
This is a problem with Steam servers crashing, which prevents players from logging into games or makes logging in difficult. This issue can occur with various games.Players are advised to wait for system fixes.
Error Code = 3
For the mentioned error code, it is caused by the inability to connect to Steam. The team suggests that players first try to troubleshoot the issue by:
(1) Opening and closing the Steam program.
(2) Checking the internet connection.
(3) Then, attempting to launch the game again.
Error Code = 4
For the mentioned error code, it is caused by the inability to connect to Steam. The team suggests that players first try to troubleshoot the issue by:
(1) Opening and closing the Steam program.
(2) Checking the internet connection.
(3) Then, attempting to launch the game again.
"In this section, if players still encounter issues, you can send information directly to the email:

In this section, if players encounter the mentioned issue, we kindly ask players to check if their computer specifications match the game's requirements. Additionally, we recommend players to lower their graphic settings. If players continue to experience the mentioned issue, they can send information via email to

To check your computer specifications using dxdiag, click here.

Bug reports that are currently being reviewed and fix :  

The Home Sweet Home: Online team

We would like to inform all players that we have received reports of various issues, such as game bugs, suggestions, and other, from all players. Please be aware that it takes time to investigate and fix these issues because problems can have multiple causes, each requiring different solutions. Therefore, the information provided by players is invaluable in the various processes of investigation and resolution.
At this point, the development team would like to extend their apologies if any of these issues have experienced delays. We aim to ensure that everyone's gaming experience is smooth and enjoyable.

We deeply appreciate the tremendous support from all the players. The team is committed to continually improving our services.

If players encounter issues other than those provided by the team, they can send information directly to the email:
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