Thai Dancer

Ratri chokes a Visitor within the range, which will deal 20 initial damage, then 3 damage per second as she's strangling that Visitor. This skill activates automatically when Ratri destroys a lockers that has a Visitor inside. Upon activation, goes on a 25 second cooldown.

Ratri’s movespd is reduced to 300, but will she gain a stamina bar that can be used to dash forward based on the amount of stamina instead.
Blood Seek no loner affects her movespd, but increases her stamina regeneration rate instead.

Ratri summons a mannequin with a 1-second cast time. She can have up to 7 mannequins and is capable of warping between them. If Ratri uses Blink, Strangle, or stays within a mannequin for 5 seconds, she will be forcibly exited from the mannequin. The mannequins can get destroyed by being hit with weapons twice or prayed to for 6 seconds. Every time a Visitor attacks or prays to a mannequin, Ratri will receive a ping.



Move Speed


█ █ █ █ █ 

Black Magic Bees Wax
An occultic item that the user applies to themselves to make those around them fall for them. Karmic retribution id often not far behind the users of this item.

  1. Enters Stealth Mode for 10 seconds. Upon activation, goes on a 60 second cooldown.
  2. Enters Stealth Mode for 15 seconds. Upon activation, goes on a 50 second cooldown.
  3. Enters Stealth Mode for 20 seconds. Upon activation, goes on a 40 second cooldown.
  4. Enters Stealth Mode for 25 seconds. Upon activation, goes on a 30 second cooldown.
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