How to Top Up (Amethyst)


Players can purchase Amethyst from the Amethyst store, which can be accessed through two methods:

  • Click on the plus sign (+) located in the top right corner of the main screen.
  •  Go to the Shop Menu > Amethyst store.


Afterward, players can choose to buy Amethyst in the desired quantity and confirm the purchase.

After that, the system will display the Steam page for players to proceed with the next steps of the transaction.
Note: If players encounter the error message "Please enable the Steam overlay in the In-Game settings," you can find instructions on how to configure  Click Here
When you click "Authorize," the system will deduct the money from your Steam Wallet automatically and provide the transaction result on the game screen, thus completing the transaction.
In cases where a player's Steam Wallet balance is insufficient.
The player will need to top up their Steam Wallet by clicking the "Add Funds" button before proceeding with the transaction.
After the player clicks ''Add Funds"
You need to select the amount you want to add to your Steam Wallet and click 
"Add Funds."
Note: Steam's system sets a minimum of 5 USD.
Players should choose their preferred payment method from the various options available,
such as credit cards, debit cards, TrueMoney, PayPal, Mobile Banking, and more, depending on their convenience and preference.
The system will display the "Purchase" page, and players should click "Purchase" to complete the process of adding funds to their Steam Wallet successfully.
Once the player has successfully clicked "Purchase," they will be directed to a page that says, "Thank you for your purchase."
Players should press "Return to your transaction" to proceed further in the process of topping up your Amethyst.
Players should check the details before clicking "Authorize," and that completes the process.
The system will take the player back to the game interface, where they should check whether they have received Amethyst
In cases where players top up but do not receive Amethyst, we initially suggest that you re-login to the game.
 If the player still doesn't receive Amethyst, please click here to report the issue to the team for resolution.
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