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about this Game

Home Sweet Home: Survive is a brand new multiplayer asymmetrical game, which consists of 1 Specter hunting 4 survivors in an arena. There are two core gameplays depending on the roles each player may take.

The Specter’s goal is to strategically hunt the 4 Survivors, without letting any of them escape. The Specter must complete this goal, whilst avoiding being killed by the survivors. Each Specter will have different stats and special abilities offering various ways of hunting survivors.
Survivors have to cooperate with each other to complete the main objective. Each character will have different stats and unique abilities supporting each role of play - decoy, damage, or ritual performance. Once the ritual objectives are completed, the game will drastically change after the objective to the survivor’s favor. The game will test each player’s tactical skills and in-game choices, from choosing either to team up with other survivors to eliminate the Specter or saving oneself by escaping the arena.


Hindrance is a dimension between the world of the living and the world of death. People who entered the Hindrance were either their lives were hanged between life and death or were deceived by dark occult users. Skillful invokers usually used this opportunity to take people's souls. Controlling Specters in their command, they killed people who lost in the Hindrance and collected their souls. A bunch of survivors was dragged into the Hindrance, and it is now a survival game. Join the survivors and overcome the invoker’s puppet or return to the realm of the living by escaping the Hindrance, or be the Specter and hunt and collect souls.

Gameplay Trailer

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