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Home Sweet Home Survive

Home Sweet Home Survive is a brand new multiplayer 4 versus 1 horror game in Home Sweet Home's series.
You can play as Survivors for an escape from the specter, leave out Nivorn Dimension and you will get your life back.
Or you can play as Specter for hunting  4 survivors, let them down within Nivorn Dimension and you will get more soul power.

Home Sweet Home EP. 2

Home Sweet Home is back with a terrifying tale that will chill you to the bone. Immerse yourself in a world steeped in Thai myth and folklore and evil pervades every step you take. Discover the horrific truth behind your wife’s disappearance, but be warned - some mysteries may be better left unsolved.
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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a first-person horror adventure game based on Thai myths and beliefs.   The core gameplay focuses on storytelling and stealth to avoid perilous spirits hunting you. Moreover, few puzzles are added into the game, making gameplay more various. While playing this game, you will be thrilled by a horror Thai atmosphere, unpredictable scary moments and challenging gameplay!

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